Appeals court allows California law banning guns in public places to go into effect

Appeals court allows California law banning guns in public places to go into effect

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A California bill that prohibits the carrying of firearms in most public places is slated to become law on Jan. 1, after a U.S. Appeals Court on Saturday put a temporary hold on a district court’s decision blocking the law from taking effect.

The appeals court decision comes 10 days after U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney ruled the new law, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), is unconstitutional and violated the Second Amendment, depriving people the right to defend themselves and their families under the Second Amendment.

The challenge to the new law was brought by the California Rifle and Pistol Association.

The Saturday ruling lets the legal process continue to play out as the law takes effect. The law bans carrying concealed firearms in 26 locations, including public parks, playgrounds, churches, banks and zoos.

The law applies to those even with a license to carry a concealed weapon. One exception would be for private businesses, which can choose to display signs that say people are allowed to bring guns onto their property, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

The AP reported attorneys are scheduled to file arguments to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in January and February.

Newsom, who has championed stronger gun reform legislation, responded Saturday in a statement on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter: “This ruling will allow our common-sense gun laws to remain in place while we appeal the district court’s dangerous ruling. Californians overwhelmingly support efforts to ensure that places like hospitals, libraries and children’s playgrounds remain safe and free from guns.”

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