Biden campaign raises M online in 24 hours after Jan. 6 speech

Biden campaign raises $1M online in 24 hours after Jan. 6 speech

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President Biden’s reelection campaign raised more than $1 million through online fundraising alone in the 24 hours after the president’s Jan. 6 anniversary speech, according to numbers exclusively provided to The Hill.

Biden on Friday gave a full throated attack against former President Trump, his likely GOP opponent, and warned Americans that Trump’s reelection would pose a threat to American democracy. The president zeroed in on Jan. 6 to mark the third anniversary of the U.S. Capitol riots and argued in his remarks that democracy is on the ballot in 2024.

In response to the 24-hour fundraising haul, the Biden campaign noted that they see preserving democracy as a political winner for the president in 2024.

“In election after election, democracy and freedom are mobilizing issues for the American people. In 2024, that will be no different, and we are encouraged by the strong grassroots enthusiasm we are seeing around the President’s core campaign message,” Rob Flaherty, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, told The Hill.

The speech was Biden’s first major general election speech and was delivered near Valley Forge, Pa., a significant symbol of the American Revolution. He focused on Trump — calling him a “loser” at one point — and underscored what he sees as the stakes in a rematch against Trump in November.

Trump, in response to the speech, accused Biden of “fearmongering” and suggested the president was only attacking him on the issue of democracy because he could not run on other issues.

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