Eight injured after dangerous waves hit California coastline

Eight injured after dangerous waves hit California coastline

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Dangerous waves hit Southern California coastlines Thursday, engulfing an entire beach and the surrounding street with massive water that injured eight people. 

The “rogue wave” hit the beach at the end of Seward Ave in Ventura, Calif., In a video the Ventura County Fire Department posted to X, formerly Twitter. In the video, bystanders can be seen standing as a “high tide” crashed into them, causing them to be swept up by the water’s impact.

The Ventura County Fire Department mentioned that “because of this wave eight people were transported to local hospitals. For your safety, please avoid the area near the ocean, as it can be quite dangerous.”

“High Surf Advisories remain in effect throughout. Please stay away from the water. Multiple rescues have been made. Numerous areas have been flooded and resulted in injuries. Heavy traffic northbound 101 through.”

In a statement on X, local authorities later said that “all beaches from the Ventura Pier to Marina Park are CLOSED due to large, breaking waves & severe coastal flooding.”

The National Weather Service (NWS) warned early Thursday, that “the waves in some Northern California locations could reach 40 feet,” but would later subside on Friday.

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