Exeter Finance: Revving up auto financing solutions

Exeter Finance: Revving up auto financing solutions

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About Exeter Finance

Exeter Finance is a prominent consumer finance company that specializes in subprime auto lending. Established in 2006, the company is based in Irving, Texas, and is contributing largely to the growth of the auto sector in the United States. Today, this company has become a major trusted player in the auto finance sector. They primarily focus on subprime auto lending, which means they make financing options accessible to individuals with credit challenges. In simpler words, if your credit score is less-than-perfect and you can’t obtain a loan from a traditional lender then Exeter Finance will come to your rescue!

Pros and cons of auto loan from Exeter Finance

Before you go ahead to Exeter Finance login, here are some of its pros and cons you must consider:



Exeter Finance works with individuals with less-than-perfect credit histories or low credit scores. This specialization allows people who might have never owned their car or managed a traditional auto loan.


Exeter Finance is known for its transparency and customer-oriented approach. They communicate openly with their customers and have a simple loan application process. They inform customers about their loan policies, terms, monthly payments, and interest rates. All these factors enable the customers to make better decisions about their auto financing.

Extensive dealer network

Exeter Finance has a widespread network of partners and dealers across the United States. Therefore, as a customer, you get a host of vehicle options to choose from. This helps you find a suitable car that matches your needs and budget.

Customer support

A dedicated team of professionals specializing in subprime lending is always available to assist their customers. They provide support to customers with loan applications, Exeter Finance login, and other queries. To enhance Exeter Finance’s customer service, they host innovative tech solutions. Through their online platform, you can manage your account better, make payments, and acquire all important information.

Credit building

Timely monthly payments or premiums of auto loan from Exeter Finance allow you to build a better credit score over time. With a better credit score, you can bag better financial opportunities in the future.


Higher interest rates

The interest rates for subprime auto loans are generally higher than the loans others obtain with better credit scores. So, if you choose Exeter Auto Finance you will pay more loan amount which can shoot the overall price of the vehicle much higher.

Limited loan options

Traditional banks or lending organizations come with a bouquet of loan choices. They offer more flexibility in loan types, terms, and options. Therefore though Exeter Auto Finance specializes in subprime lending, they have limited loan options.

Potential for higher monthly payments

With shorter loan duration and higher interest rates, you can be burdened by higher monthly payments. This can shake your financial stability and monthly budget.

Repossession risk

As a subprime borrower, you can be at a higher risk of payment default against a loan; this can lead to vehicle repossession! Therefore, you need to analyze your financial health and determine if you can manage consistent loan payments.

Is Exeter Finance worth it?

Determining if Exeter Finance is a suitable option for you depends upon your financial needs and credit situation. If you are struggling with a subprime credit and failing to acquire a car loan elsewhere, Exeter Finance may offer you a valuable opportunity to do so. However, you have to carefully assess the higher interest rates and the company’s terms and conditions for repayment of the loan.

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How long is Exeter Finance grace period?

The payment policy of Exeter Finance offers a grace period of 7 to 15 days. You must note that grace period varies from one loan provider to the other. Also, due to the coronavirus pandemic, lenders and banks have become lenient towards their borrowers.

When does Exeter Finance repo cars?

As the repossession law vary from state to state, Exeter Finance can repo cars anytime from 3 to 5 months after continued missed payments. In some states the repossession can be triggered within 45 days of defaulting a payment! You must note that default is not only when you stop making timely payments but also when you fail to pay the Exeter Finance late fees.

Where is Exeter Finance located? How to connect with Exeter Finance?

Exeter Finance is headquartered in Irving, Texas. Their email address is [email protected]. You can also connect with them through their Customer Service Phone: (800) 321-9637.

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