Haley calls for Biden to be fired over Austin controversy

Haley calls for Biden to be fired over Austin controversy

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Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on Monday night called for President Biden to be fired after the Pentagon did not disclose that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had been hospitalized until days later. 

“I think Biden should be fired,” she said during a Fox News town hall in Iowa. “This is unbelievable that we have a situation like this. When I had a crisis in South Carolina, we were dealing with anything, and I had to deal with my adjutant general. I was on the phone with him every day, twice a day.”

“We have a war in Europe, we have a war in the Middle East. North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States. China is on the march. First, I have a problem with the fact that Biden is not talking to his secretary of Defense every single day anyway,” she continued.  

Haley’s comments come after Austin and the Biden administration have faced increasing scrutiny after the Pentagon did not disclose Austin’s admission to the hospital until days later after an elective medical procedure led to health issues — leaving even Biden and other top officials in the dark. 

Former President Trump in a post on his Truth Social platform called for Austin to be fired, but national security spokesperson John Kirby said Monday that there are no plans for the White House to do so. 

“There is no — no plans for anything other than for Secretary Austin to stay in the job and continuing the leadership that … he’s been demonstrating,” Kirby said. 

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