US to deliver 0M to Ukraine amid congressional stalemate

US to deliver $250M to Ukraine amid congressional stalemate

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The Biden administration announced Wednesday it was delivering $250 million in military assistance to Ukraine, the final package it can move under its existing resources drawn down for the country.

The delivery comes as Congress is stuck on approving new funds for Ukraine. Aid to the war-torn ally has been held up in a larger package that was also to include border security funding.

Congress left town this month seemingly far apart on a border deal that might unlock the Ukraine aid, which is meant to cover Kyiv’s needs in 2024.

The new package announced Wednesday includes air defenses and ammunition delivered from American military stockpiles. The $250 million cost represents the cost of replenishing the U.S. stocks.

“The United States is announcing the year’s final package of weapons and equipment for Ukraine,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

“It is imperative that Congress act swiftly, as soon as possible, to advance our national security interests by helping Ukraine defend itself and secure its future.”

President Biden asked for more than $60 billion in new military and other assistance for Ukraine.

White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said earlier this month that the administration would present one final aid package for Ukraine in December.

“When that one is done … we will have no more replenishment authority available to us,” Kirby said. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, making a surprise visit to Washington in mid-December, said he was confident in robust, bipartisan support for Ukraine but said he wanted to see action. 

“I got the signal — they were more than positive, but we know that we have to separate words and, in particular, results,” he said in a press conference alongside Biden. “Therefore, we will count on particular results.”  

Included in the $250 million aid package are air defense munitions, other air defense system components, additional ammunition for high-mobility artillery rocket systems, 155 mm and 105 mm artillery ammunition, anti-armor munitions and more than 15 million rounds of ammunition.

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