X brings back news headlines in user posts

X brings back news headlines in user posts

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X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is bringing back news headlines in user posts, reversing a change from owner Elon Musk.

In October, Musk announced that the social media platform would change how links to news posts would appear in users’ feeds. It removed headlines and text that were previously displayed alongside images.

Most linked articles only displayed the article’s lead image, with a small link to the outlet’s web address in the corner to distinguish from stand-alone images, The Hill previously reported.

Musk confirmed in August that he planned to remove headlines and said the change was coming from him “directly” and was meant to improve aesthetics.

Critics of the change made it known that removing headlines made it difficult to distinguish what news articles users were sharing and where the links directed people to.

Now, with the change appearing to be reversed, users can post links and headline text will appear on the bottom left of the image in a small font.

Musk, a billionaire who acquired the platform for $44 billion last fall, has criticized legacy news outlets and encouraged publishers to post their content in long form on the platform instead of via links.

Neither Musk nor X Support have posted online about the change.

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